Plastic-related knowledge


Blow molding: plastic blow molding, put the extrusion mechanism on the top, will pass out of the softened thermoplastic tubular shape through the open between the metal mold, wait until the appropriate position, the mold is closed, so that the soft plastic tube is clamped in In the space in the metal mold, air is then sent into the soft plastic tube
The pressure of air causes the soft plastic tube to expand like a balloon. The film expands until it hits the inner wall of the metal mold. After it is hardened, it can be taken out (hard plastic balloon) to make the same shape as the inner wall of the metal mold. Hollow finished product
This is blown out blow molding, which is mainly used to make bottle-shaped hollow thin-walled molded products.
Kettles, trash cans, petrol cans, and even chemical tanks with a capacity of up to one ton are the shipping containers for fishing products.
The thickness of the blown product is not uniform, and the surface is prone to traces of plastic flow. Therefore, it is rough but not delicate, and the shape cannot be made into a small and complicated structure. However, the use of practical experience to design can also create an integrally formed drum with a handle. , And hinged complex double-walled box. The most used resin is PE. Others include PVC, polycarbonate, PP, and nylon. The blown-out molded products have a thin wall, can save a lot of materials, and have a reduced cost, so they are used in large quantities in packaging materials such as seasonings, detergents, shampoos, and the like.

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