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Plastic injection:

Professional plastic mold development, injection molding plastic processing, price quality considerations
A variety of plastic injection processing, computer peripherals plastic, steam locomotive plastic parts
Medical equipment, plastic parts, various container bottle development and manufacturing, professional development and manufacture of plastic gear
Twenty-six years of professional experience uphold good credit and high efficiency, reasonable price and good quality, delivery accuracy
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Service Content:

Plastic injection mold open mold
Die design and production, CNC lathes, bed washing, discharge, bite flowers professional processing
Injection of plastic injection, plastic injection processing
Plastic gears, plastic injection hardware appliances, 3C electronic product development, medical equipment plastic parts
Computer peripherals plastic, mechanical plastic components, communications plastic products
Combination of packaging, printing, plastic plating

The company has a complete production line, customers can provide a wide range of service options,
Welcome plastic products customers at home and abroad
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Payment:Cash, T/T
Service Zone:Nationwide

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